If you’re planning a vacation to Country Club Hills, Illinois, you’ll want to consider the following months to visit: September, June, August, and January. Located in Northeastern Illinois along Lake Michigan, Country Club Hills is best visited in the warmer months of September, June, and August. The coldest months are January and February.

Attractions within driving distance

If you’re looking for attractions within driving distance of Country Club Hills, Illinois, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes both large cities and smaller towns within a 70-mile radius of the community. Use this information to plan your next trip. For more specific directions, try searching by distance, or type a destination in the search bar to find out where you can drive to.

Whether you want to visit a local museum or attend a local play, you can easily find an event within driving distance of Country Club Hills. In addition, you can find a number of restaurants and shopping centers within a short distance of the community. You can also take advantage of Country Club Hills’ active parks and recreation department, as well as its local theater. Country Club Hills is located near several major cities in Tennessee and Illinois.

Historical sites

There are several historical sites in Country Club Hills. These include St. John’s Lutheran Church and School, which was built in 1872. It was made of stone blocks, which were hauled from a quarry in Joliet by teams of twenty-four mules. They also used log rollers to move the stones, and the entire building was raised by hand.

Copper’s Grove was the original name of Country Club Hills, which was a farm area in the 1800s. It was an early agricultural area and was home to many German farmers. At one time, children attended a one-room school. A variety of crops were grown in this area. As time went on, the farm was transformed into a community.

Walking trails

There are a number of walking trails in Country Club Hills, Illinois, USA. A few of these trails are part of the local park system. One of these is Community Park, a 1.2-mile route that has no elevation gain and is rated as easy. Another is the Salt Creek Trail System, a mixture of paved and unpaved trails that provide views of Salt Creek and the Des Plaines River.

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