Whether you are a veteran or a novice to the art of SEO, you will be able to use the Brain Pod AI to create content that is not only easy to read and comprehend, but also will be able to rank well in search engines. This Jasper AI alternative and SurferSEO alternative in one is perfect for anyone who wants to create and market content without having to hire a full-time SEO team.


Using an AI writing tool is one of the latest trends in content development. With the increasing need for unique and engaging content, businesses are setting high standards for their products and services. Using AI to write copy for marketing materials is a great way to reduce time and effort spent on the process.

ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting tool for marketers. It uses an Open AI’s GPT-3 neural network to generate text that is appealing and professional. It also uses a proprietary model to generate unique content.

It has a lot of tools to help users write high-quality sales copies. It has a step-by-step copy wizard that guides users through the copywriting process. The tool also provides access to over 300 marketing frameworks. It also offers a team support feature. In-app collaboration is available, and users can also create folders.

It also has a recipe feature that allows users to save time and effort when creating long and complex content. The recipes can be customized to suit specific purposes. The results can be seen in real time. There are also instructional videos that show users how to use different features.


Using the power of artificial intelligence, Rytr is a content creation tool that generates unique copy. With this tool, you can create content for business and personal use. The tool has an in-built content writing assistant and a plagiarism checker.

Rytr has a number of templates that make it easier for you to generate copy. The tool uses GPT-3, a type of natural language processing that can produce content for a variety of purposes. You can also integrate the tool with Grammarly, a tool that provides proofreading assistance.

Rytr has a free plan that allows you to generate unlimited characters. The tool also integrates with Semrush, a content optimization tool. You can also get help from the Rytr community through Facebook or email.

Rytr is a good tool if you’re looking for an AI writing assistant that’s affordable and easy to use. It can help you write blog posts, product listings, video scripts, social media posts, and Google Ad headlines. You don’t need to have a lot of experience to write quality content. However, you’ll want to edit it before publishing.


Using Writesonic, you can generate high-quality copy in minutes. You can use this tool to create articles, landing pages, blog articles, sales letters, product descriptions, and website copy.

Writesonic uses GPT-3 Technology to generate high-quality content. Its templates produce copy based on keywords. It has an internal database of over one million sentences. Writesonic also provides a free trial for new users.

It can also write content for email campaigns. It can generate sales emails, digital ads for Google, Linkedin, and Amazon, and product descriptions. The interface is easy to use. It has more than 40 templates and supports 25 languages. It offers email support, and you can join a Facebook group to learn how to use the tool.

Writesonic has two plans: Starter and Boss Mode. The Starter plan costs $29 a month and includes a long-form assistant. It comes with a seven-day money back guarantee. It has a pay-as-you-go feature. The Boss Mode plan includes unlimited folders, recipes, and words. It also includes priority support.


Using the Anyword AI copywriting tool, you can generate high-converting copy that engages readers and improves your conversion rate. The AI analyzes your marketing text to generate messages that are specific to each platform. You can also use it to analyze your audience’s engagement and increase your traffic.

Anyword has a 7-day free trial. You can use the tool to generate 30,000 words of copy per month. The Starter plan starts at $19 per month. You can also upgrade to the Boss Mode plan, which gives you access to unlimited credits, a blog post writer, and unlimited projects. You can also pay $59 per month to generate up to 100,000 words.

Anyword offers a suite of tools to help you create engaging blog posts, landing pages, and advertisements. You can also create emails and product descriptions. You can also integrate the tool with your website to optimize your landing page copy. You can also run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You can also use the software to generate promotional SMS messages.

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