If you’re visiting Beardsley, Connecticut, you can’t miss out on the Beardsley Zoo. The zoo is AZA accredited and features one of the few carousels in the state. There are also several other attractions worth checking out.

The Stress Factory Comedy Club

The Stress Factory Comedy Club in Beardsley offers a unique experience for comedy fans. With state of the art sound and a full menu, this venue will make you laugh out loud! The café also hosts private events and features free parking. The venue is easy to find off 95 and is a perfect spot for a night out.

The Stress Factory is located next to a German-style beer garden, the Harlan Haus. The two venues share a kitchen staff. On opening night, Connecticut-based comedian Brand opened the show, followed by California-based comic Joe Sib. As a new venue, the Stress Factory is a welcome addition to the community and will hopefully help revitalize Beardsley’s downtown.

Another great thing to do in Beardsley is to explore the zoo. There are over 300 animals at the zoo, making it a great place for kids. It also has a peacock cafe and a carousel. You can also find some great local restaurants.

The Adventure Park

The Adventure Park in Beardslee is Connecticut’s only zoo that has received an AZA rating. There are plenty of activities for children of all ages and even a carousel, if you’re into that. There are 120 species to see at the zoo, and the children can get up close and personal to many of them. There is even a resident Andean condor that greets visitors at the main entrance. Children can even measure their own wingspan and learn about all the different animals they see.

The Barnum Museum

The Barnum Museum in Beardsleh, Connecticut is home to a collection of items related to P. T. Barnum and the history of Bridgeport. It is housed in a historic building on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a popular destination for families looking for something to do in the area.

Founded in 1891 as the Barnum Institute of Science and History, the Barnum Museum features a variety of artifacts and exhibits. It also features a free back gallery that is open to the public every Thursday from 11am to 3pm. To access the back gallery, simply enter the museum through the back door located by People’s United Bank.

The Barnum Museum in Beardsle, Connecticut celebrates the life of P.T. Barnum, who was a former mayor of Bridgeport. The museum features a replica of his circus and other artifacts from 19th century Bridgeport. It also contains a 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy that has been authenticated by Quinnipiac University.

In addition to exhibiting historic objects, the Barnum Museum is also home to a letterpress copybook of Barnum’s letters. These letters were written in the years 1845-1846 while he was touring Europe with Tom Thumb. The letterpress copybook provides a valuable glimpse into Barnum’s life.

If you’re visiting Beardslee, Connecticut, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Beardsley Zoo. The zoo has over 300 animals and is one of the most popular in the state. It also has a carousel.

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is a popular destination for families with young children. With a wide variety of wildlife, children will love the daily zoo programs. The Zoo Tots program offers hands-on learning opportunities for children. Zoo Patrol offers behind-the-scenes tours of the zoo and offers games to keep kids occupied. The Beardsley Zoo even hosts weddings and other events.

The Discovery Museum and Planetarium

The Discovery Museum and Planetarium in Bearslee Connecticut is a hands-on science museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It serves as both a tourist destination and an educational resource for local schools. The facility’s interactive exhibits are suitable for all ages.

The Discovery Museum and Planetarium is a 32,000 square foot facility that offers hands-on exhibits, a planetarium, and live science demonstrations. It also features the Challenger Center, an immersive, mock space station, and mission control simulation. The Museum also offers a variety of events, such as birthday parties and overnight stays for families.

The Discovery Museum and Planetarium is one of the most popular places for families to visit in Connecticut. It is open year-round and is a member of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. It also participates in the Species Survival Plan, which develops strategies for the conservation of endangered species and wild habitats. The museum is dedicated to improving the understanding of science among the public through instructive experiences that encourage participant interaction. In addition to exhibits, the museum also offers various educational programs, such as a planetarium show for younger children and a Challenger Learning Center for older children.

Admission is $9 per person and is good for one family. During exhibit periods, you can visit the Museum’s galleries and store. The Museum also hosts special events and campus art walks. The museum also hosts lectures, musical performances, and family programs. The Discovery Museum and Planetarium is open daily during regular operating hours.

The Discovery Museum and Planetarium in Bearslee Connecticut offers a variety of exhibitions that will interest children and adults of all ages. The planetarium is accessible for those with disabilities. It is open from dawn to dusk.

The New England Farmyard

For a day full of farmyard fun, visit the New England Farmyard in Beardsley, CT. There are dozens of animals and a variety of activities, including a carousel and a cafe. There is also a newly renovated penguin aviary and a new exhibit featuring South American animals, such as the prairie dog. The farmyard is also home to sheep, goats, and pigs. There is also a Hoofstock trail with bison, pronghorn, and deer.

The New England Farmyard is an exhibit that’s designed to resemble a rural farm, with domestic and wild species of animals. The farmyard includes a collection of endangered species and heritage breed animals that are threatened with extinction. These animals are great examples of biodiversity, as they offer unique traits, including robust health, mothering instincts, and the ability to survive in a changing climate. The farmyard also has a covered bridge and charming barns.

Beardsley Zoo’s mission is to educate the public about conservation. The zoo houses over a hundred species of animals from around the world. The park is divided into five main sections: South American rainforest, North and South America, Hoofstock, and the New England Farmyard. It also features animals native to Connecticut’s countryside.

Children and adults alike will find a unique educational experience during the summer months. In addition to learning about conservation, the zoo offers face painting, glitter tattoos, bubbles, and a live artist sketching demonstration. A special “Food for Thought” program will teach children about the importance of fresh food and gardening. The festivities will run from 10 am to 2 pm.

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